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MHRD programs offered in Oak Bluff!

MHRD has the following programs available in Oak Bluff this Spring and Summer.

Don't miss out - register soon!

Zumba in the Park

Oak Bluff Dance Fitness Party! Ages 10+

This modern Zumba class uses current hits and a lot of fun moves that are easy to follow.

Feel free to bring your kids, as there is a playground right next to the spot we are dancing in, Oak Bluff Estates!

Registration is OPEN!

Summer Camps


We have some fun & excited themes planned for your kidos!

Don't miss out - Register today .

Home Alone

The Home Alone program is designed to provide children with the necessary skills and knowledge to be safe and responsible when home alone for short periods of time.

It will help them prevent problems, handle real - life situations, teach them to stay safe and constructively occupied. The course material covers topics such as establishing a routine, strangers, emergencies, basic first aid and internet safety.

Preparing children to be home alone is a process to be implemented in gradual stages, over a period of time. This workshop is just one component of that process.

Register your pre-teen today!

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