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Thank You Volunteers & Donors!

We would like to thank all the volunteers and sponsors for helping with a very successful diamond maintenance day!!

Thank you to Anseeuw Brothers for donating some soil, Red River Valley school Division for donating some diamond mix, Albert Vandal for donating the trucking, Toby Dewey for bringing a tractor and rototiller, Danny Anseeuw for bringing his skid steer and tractor, Darryl Wieschmann for bringing his lawn tractor to drag the diamonds and all the volunteers for bringing their rakes, wheelbarrows and hard work. It is greatly appreciated!

We were able to: 1) smooth out the outfield on diamond 3 and add soil 2) convert diamond 1 in a 13U and 15UAA, now we have two diamonds to host 13U baseball and the city championships 3) added clay to all the mounds so that the mounds are better suited to the wear and tear of pitchers 4) added base anchors and implanted pitching rubbers to diamond 4 so that every diamond now has implanted bases. This saves so much time for coaches in setting up the diamond and is safer for the players. 5) added limestone to dugouts 6) built up the mounds on both diamonds 1 and 2. 7) spread grass seed on diamond 3

Article continued after photos…

Last thing we will be adding a outfield fence on diamond 2 later in the spring.

We should be proud of our diamonds in oak bluff. This year we are hosting a record number of teams (10) and the 13UAA city championships.

We also have been contacted by 4 different leagues and associations wanting to rent our diamonds which is great to see.

Thank you again and hope everyone has an awesome ball season!!

Tyler Russell

Oak Bluff Ball Rep

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